We are experts in producing metaverse art and digital store content.

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What is the metaverse?

It is generally understood to be a highly immersive, shared virtual world where people gather to play games, socialise and to work. Many of the new metaverse platforms are powered by blockchain technology, using cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing a new kind of decentralised digital asset to be built, owned and monetised. Epic’s Tim Sweeney Says Metaverse A ‘Multitrillion-Dollar’ Opportunity

Our mission is to create engaging metaverse content.

We are currently involved in beta-testing different metaverse startups.


1 Focus op emerging platforms

Our products are focussed on new platforms like XR, next gen consoles, LBE, in car entertainment, holographic screens and metaverse content.

2 Content creation using the latest tools.

We use the latest kitbash, AI, procedural and photogrammetry toolsets to cut costs and speed the workflow.

3 Powered by NFT's

The content of the future is powered by NFT's, more details on this TED TALK. We create exclusive NFT art to fund our productions.

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